Yes, Princess Madeleine Wore Valentino


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When I first saw Valentino’s sketch for Swedish Princess, Madeleine’s wedding dress, it drove my body into goosebumps overload. It’s truly a princess wedding dress for every princess or princess wants to be out there, the lace, the long train, the tiara, what else do you want? It’s VALENTINO!


Today, I finally saw the wedding dress in action, OMG, the disappointment hit me like Titanic hit that iceberg, the tragic! Where shall I begin? The lace looks cheap to me, the shape of the dress looks very wrong on Madeleine, it made her look, er… how can I put it diplomatically? It made Princess Madeleine look bigger than she actually is, I thought she was smuggling a super fashionably late wedding guest into the church under her dress. The dress looked like a cheap knock off of the original design from China, it’s not Valentino, it’s Valentina! Maybe Princess Madeleine wanted to get the tongue wagging, I can only think one reason why she chose to wear this shape dress, a little royal is kicking in her tummy, if so, then she’s excused and I can finally begin my second career as a psychic.


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Hermes Sample Sale 2013


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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again, I’m seeing orange, no I’m not talking about those overly tanned girls who’s skin looks like a 10 years old Louis Vuitton bag, I’m talking about the exciting Hermes sample sale in London from 14th of June to 15th of June. It will start at 8:30am and end at 7pm on the 14th then start at 10am and end at 6pm on the 15th with up to 80% off the original price. Now, location, location, location, The Music Room, 26 Molton Lane in London. Get your triple strong Espresso ready, it’s early birds get all the goodies!


The Facebook Conspiracy



You are on Facebook, you think you have so many great friends committing, liking your statues or/and your pictures, right? No, you’re wrong, you realise or shall I say that I realised how many ‘real’ friends or how important I count as a friend to the others is far off below the chart than I thought, I’ve been living in a la la land. Next question, how do I know it? The answer is Facebook’s messaging feature, when you send a message, you will be able to see if the receiver has read your message or not. Ok, I gave it to Facebook, there is no more question of whether the person has received or read the message or not, there is no more guessing of if the person has been kidnapped to a secret location, tortured with no access to Facebook for 3 days. Now, with ‘the date and time of your message is seen’ feature, Facebook has created a new set of conspiracy between friends. I sent out 4 messages to 4 different friends the other day, trying to set a date to meet up for a coffee with two of them then seeking answers from the other two. All the messages were seen on the same day of sending then the waiting game begins, no reply, ok, maybe they are busy, it’s quick to read messages but takes time to reply. 1 day passed, why aren’t they replying? Maybe they’re not active on Facebook today. 2 days passed, the stalking begins, yes, all of them updated their statues today, one even uploaded a picture. 3 days passed, the depression kicks in, have they forgot to reply or am I not worthy of their brain power? Am I as popular as I think? Are they as good friends as I think of them? I can’t send a message to them to ask if they received my last message any more because thanks to Facebook, I can see that they read the messages. Oh, your mind can really play tricks on you or I just have too much time in my hands, over analysing, making a mole hill into Himalaya. Facebook, I hate you! No, love you most of the time. It’s a love-hate relationship. Facebook, you’re like the sun, I can’t live without you but if I have too much of you, it gives me skin cancer! (maybe I should put this sentence on my Facebook statues)  

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A Bother of Blog


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Hello, my loyal followers, can’t believe you guys haven’t deleted my face off your following list. Firstly, I want to say ‘what’s wrong with you?’. Secondly, I’m sorry about the silent treatment for the last a few months, I really have genuine and pretty good excuses for not writing. In ascending order, I was pregnant, moved to Sweden (yes, I’ve truly connected with Sweden), started a company, renovated our new house,how about that? 

In my first return of Swedish Connection blog, I don’t want to write about my 9 months long pregnancy, how my feet swollen up like two meatloaf; I don’t want to write about my bloody labor; I don’t want to write about my move to Sweden; what I want to write about is…bloggers! Yes, bloggers, not all bloggers, only the ones that so high up on their high horse, so greedy like blood sucking vampires. I’m angry with them, I’m f**king pissed off ( excuse my French). 

My husband and I have just started a small online retail company, our aim is to sell unique, high-quality products that are designed and produced by small, talented designers. We’re not a big company, only have limited budget for marketing so I’ve been contacting lots of Swedish bloggers, ask them to write blogs or feature the designers’ products in their blog. I wrote to the top dogs, such as Blonde Bella and Kissie to the underdogs, bloggers only have a few hundred followers. The result? No reply, ok, fine; then you get these bloggers with reply that demand freebies, ok, I will go with that; then freebies are not enough, they need discount for every reader, hmm… I will think about it; then they want high commission for each sale they bring in and each time people click their link to our website, WHAT? I’m going out of business. When did blogging has became such ugly business? Some of them aren’t even that good, cough, cough, Blonde Bella, looking at a pile of poop is more interesting than reading some of her blogs. One wonder how she got so popular?

I can understand that for some bloggers, blogging is a full time job therefore the job has to bring income but please make cash out of these big companies but at the same time, blogging is not only about making money, not only about express your opinion, it’s also about helping people, make this world a better place. A couple of pictures and a few lines will help our designers a lot, it will take these bloggers 5 minutes to write ( ok, I will give them 30 minutes) and for once, they might be writing something truly interesting! 

I feel I’ve just offended a lot of bloggers ( if you feel offended then you must be the type of blogger I mentioned above:-)), have I just announce my own death sentence? Shoot me! 

Let the Real Games Begin


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It’s official, it is announced that this year a record of 150,000 condoms are to be handed out to the Olympians in the Olympic Village. Let’s do a little math here, there will be about 10,000 athletes attending this year’s game, so it works out about 15 condoms per athlete which means it’s 15 condoms for each male and female, that’s 30 condoms per pair. The condoms come in different colours, I can’t confirm if they are in different flavors as well to suit different countries’ taste buzz ( it makes sense though).

According to the English newspaper, Daily Mail, the athletes sexual appetite have been soaring over the years. There was only 8,500 condoms made available in 1988’s game. It jumped to 50,000 for Barcelona in 1992. The number leapt to 70,000 in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the official originally ordered 50,000 condoms for the game but they had to order 20,000 more after the initial 50,000 ran out. This year’s condom numbers has topped all previous games, the Olympic Village will be a hot and steamy place for the next a few weeks for sure.

I wonder which country will win the gold medal in this game? To win this game, it requires good looks, good libido, good physique and good stamina. GO SWEDEN! 🙂

Have you noticed, the black one is the longest, talking about unfair competition…


You Can Do Anything But Just Don’t Do This


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My hubby loves Amazon, he buys everything from there, from computer cables to body lotions, from books to shoehorn, by the way, he paid £1 for the shoehorn, he was very proud about the purchase. Amazon has created a modern-day cave man, he doesn’t go out to the shops much anymore, just sit in front of the computer, click, click, done!

Last week, he was browsing through Amazon again, he came across one of the reviews for Veet For Men Hair Removal Gel Cream. Firstly, I have no idea why he was looking at hair removal products. Secondly, I sincerely hope that whatever the idea he might had in his big head when he looked up the cream is abandoned forever after he read the review.

I have to give some credits to this reviewer, Andrew for his bravery, stupidity and honesty and for all the dare-devil men out there, a lesson learnt, your fellow has tried, suffered and reviewed so please don’t try it again!


Here is the review, you can judge it yourself.

‘Being a loose cannon who does not play by the rules the first thing I did was ignore the warning and smear this all over my knob and bollocks. The bollocks I knew and loved are gone now. In their place is a maroon coloured bag of agony which sends stabs of pain up my body every time it grazes against my thigh or an article of clothing. I am suffering so that you don’t have to. Heed my lesson. DO NOT PUT ON KNOB AND BOLLOCKS.

(I am giving this product a 5 because despite the fact that I think my bollocks might fall off, they are now completely hairless.)’

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New York, New York


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I always wanted to visit New York, it’s one of those places on my list that I have to visit before I die, actually I put a lot of places on the list, including Ali G’s hometown, Staines, lovely place, especially the TK Maxx there, one of the highlights there you must visit. I feel if I never run out of places to visit before I die then I will live forever. Who am I fooling, right? Myself! And I’m buying it! 

I had 7 hours Ryan Gosling feast on the plane, ‘Drive’, ‘Ides of March’ and ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, I never felt so close to him, literally, the passenger who was sitting in front of me pushed her seat as far back as possible so my face was almost touching the TV screen, I think this’s as intimate as I can ever get with him before he puts a restraining order on me. 

The Stature of Liberty (they closed up the top so you can no longer climb up to the top anymore), The Empire Sate Building (make sure you’re going there at the right time, otherwise expect a long queue), Central Park, Time Square, The Metropolitan of Art Museum (make sure you go there early, it gets really busy from noon and all the ticket prices on the board are recommended price, you can tell the cashier how much you want to pay for each ticket)… New York definitely has a lot to offer. 

Besides all the famous tourist attractions, the food is definitely worth to mention, especially the sandwiches there, legendary! We went to this famous sandwich shop near Rockefeller Center, called Carnegie Deli, their most famous sandwich is Woody Allen’s Special, a 35 layers of pastrami sandwich that comes with pickled cucumbers on the side and the best drink to go with the sandwich is cream soda. I never see any sandwich as this big and scary in my life, can’t quite work out why they call it ‘Woody Allen’s Special’ though, they should rename the sandwich, Heart Attack Sandwich! My husband took on the challenge very seriously, he was having his own ‘Man vs Food’ moment. He managed to eat 2/3 of the whole thing, then man down, food 1, man 0. Please make sure you will bring enough cash to pay for your food as this place doesn’t accept cards. 

Another famous pastrami sandwich place is Katz Delicatessen, it’s where they filmed ‘When Harry Met Sally’. They even put up a sign to point out of the exact table where Harry and Sally sat. The owner is very friendly, he even walked up to our table and chatted to us. Somehow, we were chatting about subway at one point since I’m from London, I was referring subway as underground, it definitely got him confused for a moment, he thought I was talking about underground coal mines. 

We also visited a sandwich place on the edge of China Town. They don’t do the normal New York style sandwiches, they really put an eastern twist into their sandwiches. The most famous one is the stewed beef sandwich that stewed for hours then dipped in satay sauce, piled with carrot and radish shredded pickles and chillies. With the price at $5.5, extremely reasonable.

Since my husband and I both love the film ‘Forest Gump’, it was such a delight for us to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp co. The restaurant is situated in the middle of Time Square, the downstairs is a shop that you can purchase Forest Gump or Bubba t-shirts or Bubba’a shrimp cooking book and the place is totally based on the film, even the menu. You can choose from Forest’s Special to Jenny’s Catch, of course, the whole menu is based on seafood in honor of Bubba. I had Bubba’s Boat of Trash as main but I can tell you that it was so delicious, trash has never tasted this good ‘and that’s all I got to say about that.’ 

If you haven’t tried wooded fired BBQ ribs then you haven’t been to New York. The most famous BBQ restaurant is called Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, located in Harlem, I know, Harlem, notorious for hardcore gangs but trust me, I’m not sending you to a suicide mission, the BBQ there is really worthy for loosing an arm and a leg to go. If you don’t feel comfortable about the area, don’t go there for dinner, go for lunch instead. The restaurant is very close to the subway station, 2 minutes walk really. My husband and I went there for lunch, the area was very quite and peaceful when we visited and the restaurant was filled with mix of locals and tourists. You must try their fried green tomatoes and legendary BBQ ribs. They even make their own BBQ dipping sauce. The ribs are so meaty and juicy, the meat just fell of the bone, yummy, yummy, so good for my tummy, not so sure if I can say the same about my cholesterol though. 

New York, New York, so much to eat but so little time, I’m borderline obesit now but it was worth it! 

P.S. some little tips you might find useful when you visit New York:

  • New York subway tickets are very cheap. If you make more than 10 trips then it’s worth buying a week travel card for $29.
  • From places to places, it may seems close between places on the map, like 3 blocks away but sometimes it can take you a while to walk to the place so be prepared for walking long distance.
  • Please don’t forget to add tax about 8.75% on everything you buy, especially when you eat out, don’t forget to add tips as well as the tax. Normally you should leave at least 10-15% tips that based on your bill.
  • There is a street near Time Square, the street is filled with full of diamond jewellery shops. If you are a magpie like me, it’s worth a visit but don’t be fooled by the prices displayed on each item, you should haggle, aim for 60% off the original price.

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It’s a Pajamas Party


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Fashion has gone pajamas! Yes, you heard it right, pajamas is the new fashion trend, from Dolce & Gabbanna to Louis Vuitton to Stella McCartney, the designers are really rooting for the sleepy look on their new season’s runway shows. The big names in the fashion world has spoken so high-street is quickly to follow, Topshop, ASOS, suddenly something you wear in the bedroom at night has finally seen the daylight. No matter how comfortable they are to wear, I have to say that this is one fashion trend that I’m not going to follow. I saw a few brave fashion souls proudly supporting the trend on the street, I always had to fight the urge of going up to them and tell them ‘night, night, don’t let the bed bugs bite’, yes, my mum taught me well, I was a very polite child. When I saw Jessica Alba was wearing this new trend, I was convinced that the designers have moved 1st of April fast forward. All I can say is that if you have the right of wearing pajamas as a normal day wear then I should have the right of wearing my evening gown to go to bed, heels are optional! 


































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What Do You Know About Hamburg


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I popped to Hamburg in Germany last weekend to visit a dear friend. Since I was heavily relying on my friend’s local knowledge to guide me through Hamburg so I did what a good tourist would do when visit a new place, I read absolutely nothing about Hamburg, I didn’t even bring a map of the city with me. First thing, first, finding the hotel. Speaking from a woman who has no sense of direction and often reads maps up side down. I was really proud of myself that I found my hotel without any help. It wasn’t that hard really, turn left from the Hamburg Central Station then straight down the road for about 3 minutes but hey, it’s a small step for mankind but a big leap for womankind.

Did you know The Beatles’ had their haircut also know as mop-top in a barber shop in Hamburg? The barber shop is located between the Erotic Art Museum that features the black and white photos of the most famous German prostitute who’s glorious bosom can really put any woman into shame and a Germany pub that is filled with full of British guys on stag parties, welcome to the Hamburg’s red light district, the Reeperbahn.

Did you know there are a few long sandy beaches in Hamburg? My friend took us to a beach for a walk near her place. There is no palm trees on the beach or seagulls hover above you. What you see is quite different from any standard beach you normally expect. Huge container ships passing through and heavy industrial machines moving the containers around the harbour. If you are a container ship spotter, then you’re in heaven! 

Did you know part of James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies was filmed in Hotel Atlantic   Kempinski Hamburg? ( I didn’t know) One of the most memorable is the stunt scene in which Pierce Brosnan – or rather his stunt double – climbs from the Atlantic Suite to the globe on the roof of the hotel after Bond killed Dr. Kaufman. The hotel is certainly magnificent in every single way. The hotel bar is legendary, of course, you should have a martini there, shaken or stirred? It’s totally up to you. Why don’t you have both? If you book early enough, you should expect to pay 150 Euro for a double room for a night’s stay which is very reasonable for a five star hotel.

Did you know the public transports are very much on time in Hamburg? Speaking from my own experience, I was trying to catch the bus from my friend’s place to go back to the hotel, I was 30 seconds late than the official timetable, no, the bus’s gone, I could see the butt of the bus waving me goodbye, thanks a lot. Unlike London buses, you’re 30 seconds late, there are only two possible scenarios, one, the bus comes 30 minutes late; two, the bus has left 15 minutes early. It’s a lottery, no wonder there are so many gamblers in London.

Did you know the term hamburger originally derived from Hamburg? No surprise there, right? If you think I’m wrong, please don’t blame it on me, blame Wikipedia. 

It’s a Brand New Galaxy


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Samsung Galaxy Note was like Loch Ness Monster to me. You heard people claim it’s out there and you saw the pictures but you never quite sure if it’s really real. My husband had been trying to get his hand on this mobile phone since the day it released but somehow, for some reason, actually quite a lot of different reasons, it depends on which phone shop you go, we never saw the actual product. So it only nature when my husband finally tracked down the phone and bought it from a phone company that I never heard of, he was jumping up and down like a little boy, yes, the Christmas has come early this year. The phone’s screen is 5.3 inches and it lights up like a Christmas tree, you can almost see it from the space, my little hands can barely hold the phone and my iPhone 4 looks like a little baby when stands next to the Samsung Galaxy Note. The Galaxy has got a little touch screen pen that allows you to paint pictures and edit photos. My husband was very eager to try this app, he took a photo of me then painted my hair orange, my face almost black, I ended up look like a bright version of The Twins from The Matrix Reloaded. What can I say? Married life is not easy, you have to put up with lots of things especially if your husband thinks he’s border line Picasso.