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What ever Christian Louboutin does, he can never put a foot wrong, yes, literally so when Christian Louboutin’s brought us the spiked loafers, the world went crazy, from Kenya West to Rihanna, from Christine Stewart to Anne Hathaway, everyone started growing spikes on their feet. I absolutely adore them, not only because they are super comfy but also because they solved one of my long term nightmares. I hate people step on my shoes, especially when they step on the back of my heel so hard that my shoe would stay put but my foot would keep moving, then they keep on walking without apologise because they are so busy (you know who you are, people, I’m on to you!). These Christian Louboutin spiked loafers are not cheap, $995 and you can’t wear them in the airport or have them as a carry on as you can use them as a weapon.


Or you can buy this pair of spiked loafers from Steve Madden for £75 and here is even better news, they are currently on sale on asos.com for only £45, you can almost buy 20 pairs for the same amount of money that you pay for the real thing.



Warning: people who like to step onto other people’s shoes without apologising, I’ve suffered enough, it’s payback time!