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Christopher Kane is a genius ( he should put this slogan on a T-shirt)! He’s the one who introduced us the Galaxy, no, not scientifically, I mean the Galaxy print. So when I saw this pair of Fluoro polished leather Chelsea boots from his collection, I know the design legend has spoken that neon is here to stay this winter. The boots are comfortable to wear and with that pop of neon blue colour insert, you can wear a bin bag with this pair of boots because all the attention will be on your feet and it better to be, this pair will cost me £605, I cannot to afford to wear anything else other than a bin bag if I buy the boots.


Then there is the mid-range priced Acne Comet boots, still has that pop of blue around the ankle, still not cheap, £440.


I’m buying Abigail Neoprene ankle boots from Topshop, yes, the boots has all that important neon blue detail, it even comes with 2 inch block heels and the best of all, it will only cost you £80, no, I’m not joking, they are made from real leather, what are you waiting for?