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Are you confused by the title? Don’t be, let me explain a little. Thursday Friday is a canvas bag label, their bags are designed with a sense of humor and an appreciation for luxury. The idea of the bags is to poke fun at the obsession with expensive goods and parody ‘it’ bag hysteria by creating democratically priced cotton canvas totes that honor beautiful designs, because they are made from cotton so they are eco-friendly as well as it doesn’t cost the earth to purchase so if you’re waving your against counterfeit goods flag at them then please use your energy somewhere else, why don’t you try Ebay? Thursday Friday bags are not fake designer bags and they are not trying to be. There is no logo or brand name of the actual luxury brand on the bag, instead, the bag carries Thursday Friday’s own logo and the inside of the bag it’s totally different, it’s Thursday Friday’s own design.


Please don’t get me wrong, I buy designer bags myself and I love them, just ask my husband. I’m totally against counterfeit goods, they are simply wrong. However, Thursday Friday bags are fun and practical, they are poking fun at the sort of people ( yes, I’m ‘the sort of people’, guilty as charged) who are obsessed with that ‘it’ bag and I would like to think that the ‘it’ bag obsessed people can take a joke on themselves. I found some comments about the bag on PurseBlog, can I say that these people have totally missed point of the bag and have shot themselves in the foot.




The brain behind the label is Olena Sholomytska who was born in Soviet Union, raised in Sweden, now, based in California, America. When the bags were first launched, it had three months waiting list, the label quickly became a celebrated name amongst top fashion critics and bloggers.

Each Thursday Friday collection is limited edition – honouring the idea of exclusivity.  Each bag is printed on all sides, yes, I do mean all sides, front, back, two sides and even bottom with images of an exclusive leather luxury classic, think the timeless Chanel 2.55 or Balenciaga. They are fully lined and include an inner pocket for small things such as keys and mobile phones as well as long handles for the bag to be carried on the shoulder. Thursday Friday really allows you to have the ‘designer’ bag you always wanted, but in a functional, practical form and the best of all, they are NOT fake designer copies, you don’t need to have that guilty look when you carry it.

The bags are perfect for any outfit, you can take it to the gym, to work, to school and they can be used as groceries shopping bags as well.

A note for all the fashionable moms out there, the Together bag can turn into a diaper bag without paying the designer price.


Thursday Friday bags have been featured in many high-fashion magazines in the US, such as Teen Vogue, Elle, Nylon, just to name a few. It even gained a circle of celebrity fans! A little birdie told me, no, it’s actually Eonline.com, Halle Berry has purchased the ‘Moto Together Bag’ and Bruce Willis’s daughter, Rumer Willis also showed her love for Thursday Friday bags.

Click, click, I already ordered mine…