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Hello, my loyal followers, can’t believe you guys haven’t deleted my face off your following list. Firstly, I want to say ‘what’s wrong with you?’. Secondly, I’m sorry about the silent treatment for the last a few months, I really have genuine and pretty good excuses for not writing. In ascending order, I was pregnant, moved to Sweden (yes, I’ve truly connected with Sweden), started a company, renovated our new house,how about that? 

In my first return of Swedish Connection blog, I don’t want to write about my 9 months long pregnancy, how my feet swollen up like two meatloaf; I don’t want to write about my bloody labor; I don’t want to write about my move to Sweden; what I want to write about is…bloggers! Yes, bloggers, not all bloggers, only the ones that so high up on their high horse, so greedy like blood sucking vampires. I’m angry with them, I’m f**king pissed off ( excuse my French). 

My husband and I have just started a small online retail company, our aim is to sell unique, high-quality products that are designed and produced by small, talented designers. We’re not a big company, only have limited budget for marketing so I’ve been contacting lots of Swedish bloggers, ask them to write blogs or feature the designers’ products in their blog. I wrote to the top dogs, such as Blonde Bella and Kissie to the underdogs, bloggers only have a few hundred followers. The result? No reply, ok, fine; then you get these bloggers with reply that demand freebies, ok, I will go with that; then freebies are not enough, they need discount for every reader, hmm… I will think about it; then they want high commission for each sale they bring in and each time people click their link to our website, WHAT? I’m going out of business. When did blogging has became such ugly business? Some of them aren’t even that good, cough, cough, Blonde Bella, looking at a pile of poop is more interesting than reading some of her blogs. One wonder how she got so popular?

I can understand that for some bloggers, blogging is a full time job therefore the job has to bring income but please make cash out of these big companies but at the same time, blogging is not only about making money, not only about express your opinion, it’s also about helping people, make this world a better place. A couple of pictures and a few lines will help our designers a lot, it will take these bloggers 5 minutes to write ( ok, I will give them 30 minutes) and for once, they might be writing something truly interesting! 

I feel I’ve just offended a lot of bloggers ( if you feel offended then you must be the type of blogger I mentioned above:-)), have I just announce my own death sentence? Shoot me!