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I have to admit that I didn’t discover Anthropologie by myself, it was a good friend of mine who introduced me to this wonderful shop, I still made me feel like Columus who just discovered America. As far as I know, Anthropologie is an America chain of retail shops with a twist. They sell not only women’s clothes and accessories, they also sell home furnishings, unique objects and decorative items and gifts. There are two shops in London, one is on Regent Street and the other one is on the posh King’s Road. Both of the shops are decorated with home like design with tables, chairs and even beds spreading on the shop floors, the best of all, all the decorations are up for sale.There is a three floor high plant wall in the Regent Street shop that has 200 different types of living plants growing on the wall and the plants are watered from the rain water collected on the roof, they’ve truly brought the outdoor inside.

Every time I go to the shop, I always go mad like a little girl in a candy shop, so much wonderful things need to buy but so little money to spend. Shall I spend my money on the colourful gemstone necklace or shall I go for the owl storage jar? Decisions, decisions… 

To me, Anthropologie is not just a shop, it’s also a sanctuary. It feels like the shop has this special magical power that can block out all the noise from outside, makes you always at peace and calm. You can sit on the sofa by the wall plant as long as you want, no one will ask you to move. I even tried to lie in the iron tree branch bed for a nap, the staff didn’t have any objection but it didn’t go down very well with the shoppers, I think they didn’t like my snoring.

The changing room is decorated with big mirrors and a giant day-bed with lots of cushions. They even write your name on the changing room door you are in so I thought I should take the opportunity to come up with the longest first name I can think of and see how the staff would react. ‘What’s your name?’ the changing room staff asked. ‘My name is Lydiakalanirowealeekundemondisha.’ ‘Oh, what a unique and wonderful name you have. ‘ she said politely, ‘Lydiakalanirowealeekundemondisha, here you go.’ I was so amazed that she wrote down the whole complete name on the door with no difficulty at all. I really wanted to ask her if she won the Spelling Bee Championship when she was a little. 

Usually, there is a sales corner on the bottom floor of the shop, you can always pick up interesting things with hugely reduced price. Once, I bought a completed knitted wool clock that it’s knitted by grannies in Scotland and another time, I bought chef’s measuring cups in the shape of goose. What a weird but wonderful world I’m living in!