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Li Jiang is a little ancient town that it’s situated in Yu Nan province in Southern China. What so special about the town is that the place is totally unspoiled, there is no skyscrapers, no modern-day buildings, no manufactories, no pollution, it feels like as if you stepped back a hundred years in time. The only thing reminds you of you haven’t finally mastered time travel it’s the way people dress and the cars on the road.

The town mainly survives on tourism. Most local people have moved out from the town and built a new modern skyscrapers town not so far away from the old town. Nowadays, the old town is filled with traditional hotels, shops, restaurants and bars. The town lights up with hundreds of red lanterns after dark, locals call it ‘red light district’, well, obviously they never been to Amsterdam. I wonder how they will feel if they find out ‘red light district’ has a very different meaning than what they mean it there.

They certainly keep the food local here. There are lots of different flavoured yak jerky for sale in shops, yes, you heard me right, it’s YAK jerky, not beef jerky, tastes extremely like beef jerky though. You can also taste yak stew in many of the restaurants there. Then if you want to be even more adventures, how about some pig’s tails, goose’s necks and pig’s ears? If you want to go completely wild, how about some duck’s heads for you?

Watching sunrise was one of the highlights for our trip. Let’s face it, I’m not a morning person, asking me to get up early it’s like the title of Tom Cruise’s movie ‘ Mission Impossible’. I don’t know how my husband dragged me out of the bed, I have no recollection. We went to the top of the hill and found a restaurant there. Watching the sun rising from the back of the mountain and overlooking the whole town while having breakfast outside, you can’t ask anything more than this.

We hired a driver to take us to the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge near by. Firstly, I want to make it clear that we are not rich so it only means one thing, the drivers and cars are extremely cheap to hire in Li Jiang. We paid her £20 for the whole day, we didn’t even bother to haggle. How can we haggle with her if we felt like we robbed her already? Secondly,  ‘near by’ means about two hours drive from the old town by a VW car that it’s driven by a 40 years old woman with 75 miles per hour speed. The view is absolutely breath-taking on the way there. Rape seed flowers covered up the fields with little traditional wooden houses dotting around, the river was shimmering from a far distance under the sun like a silk ribbon. Then we saw this woman who was carrying lots of neatly packed up bricks look alike materials on her back, she looked like a female version of Hercules.

We also had the chance to go up to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain which it’s 5396 meters high. People can take the cable car, get up to over 4000 meters. You can hire snow jackets and cans of oxygen from the bottom of the mountain. I came to the mountain with my mum more than 10 years ago, I went up to the mountain without any oxygen back then so when the lady asked me if I want to hire a can of oxygen, I told her that there is no way I would need it as I went up there before and didn’t feel a thing. My husband hired one for me anyway, just for precaution. As soon as we reached the top, I grabbed the oxygen can from my husband’s hand and started inhaling it like I’m having an asthma attack. I didn’t realise that last time I was here with my mum, we only went up to 2000 meters and I was much younger, much more healthy. By the way, my husband didn’t feel a thing, I hate him! He’s got a special talent of rub things in my face without even noticing it.

Li Jiang will always remain as this beautiful and magical place in my heart. I never know if  I’m dreaming or awake when I’m there and that’s the beauty of it!